Deployment Track Record

Company Name Area Deployment Date Deployment Example
Client S company Kanto region September 2013(Current system) Deployment Example 1

Deployment Example 1

Company S

Founded Approx. 50 Years Ago
Company S is primarily in the business of cleaning, and of operating, maintaining, and inspecting cleaning tanks.

Example Deployment Costs

System Structure

System Structure

Total: Approx. 50 Million Yen
*Includes hardware, software, all data
*Includes 5-year O&M fee

Client Office name PC Printer Impact printer
Client S company 7 1 3
Client K company 5 1 0
Client N company 5 1 0
Server Data Center Deployment

Representative Interview

Client S campany

Q1. Can you tell us the process leading up to deployment?
A. Before we deployed this system, we were handling worker assignments, work site maps, fee collections, and many other things all with pen and paper.
We felt that this was adversely affecting our employees' efficiency.
At that point, we decided to employ this system.

Q2. Has the deployment helped?
A. Since we deployed this system, our employees' efficiency has gone up across the board.
We are also better able to accomodate client invoicing and bank transfers, and since it handles everything all together, no more invoices slip through the cracks.
We've been able to set our vehicle dispatching schedule to be more efficient too, and since the system manages everything, we've been much more efficient about managing and inspecting cleaning tanks, so it's been a great help.

Q3. How do you plan to use this system going forward?
A. I expect we will be using this system even more going forward in order to better satisfy our customers.

Vehicle Types Cleaning Tank Management Vehicles, Vacuum Cars
Primary Task Cleaning Tank Management and Upkeep Management
Employees About 30