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The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant incident caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake was a wake-up call for how important energy policies are to our entire country.
At A's, we value safe and economically feasible energy sources, but we also value their greenness just as much. As such, we believe that renewable energy has an extremely key role to play.
The problem that climate change poses to every country made a strong impression on us at the Paris Agreement, which went into effect on November 2016. Two proposed counter measures were "reducing greenhouse gas emissions to effectively zero", and "escaping our dependence on carbon", with the goal for both to be accomplished within this century. Japan agreed to these measures, and has set goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 26% (Comparison with the year of 2013) by 2030, and 80% by 2050. This is yet another way that renewable energy is only going to become more important all around the world.
Our goal is to help provide greener, pleasant days for everyone by advancing the solar power business and creating an era of community-oriented, locally produced and consumed renewable energy that only produces as much energy as is needed, when it is needed.

A's Representative Director: Yuta Takasuga

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Company Name A's Co., Ltd.
Company Headquarters 〒130-0011
4-2-1 Ishihara, Sumida Ward, Tokyo Crestforum Ryogoku Ishihara Room 1201
TEL +81(0)3-5610-9270
FAX +81(0)3-5633-7762
Founded On 2010/3/4
A's Representative Director Yuta Takasuga
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A's Co., Ltd.

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